Does anyone know what this is?


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I have a fairly new set up - been running about 4 weeks. I know a lot of people will probably jump all over me for this, but my system is composed of all live rock and misc algae/sea weed I have directly collected from the ocean I live in SoCal and always wanted to as a hobby establish my own tank from things I could find. The only fish I have in there just for a little color are a few damsels. Before you offer advice about where to collect and how far off shore etc etc... please don't be a troll about it. This is a hobby for me. Most of your tanks on this forum are probably 10000x better than mine but it's just for fun. And I only collect in open collection water areas that have no restrictions. I am careful to not collect anything protected.

Anyway, this leads to my question.

I have a few anemones (I think they are aggregating anemones) that were on a piece of live rock I brought home. Being from SoCal I thought the water temps were probably too cold for the anemones to thrive in the tank (I maintain at 71-72). Apparently they are thriving and even (spawning and cloning) babies. I found this little anemone clinging to the side of the tank and too my surprise had caught and was slowly eating, tail first, this little stick bug looking creature. At first I thought it might be a mantis shrimp fry but after looking at pictures of mantis shrimp fry I realize I am way off in my assessment. Then upon further inspection of the tank I have found a few more just chilling on the rocks. They are very small, just a few milometers big, not even a centimeter.

Does anyone have any idea what these are and if so are they harmless or do they become a nuisance if and when they grow larger?






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A mod personal will be able to help on loading pictures. Must be nice to collect/get your corals, i wanna do that


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Sounds like an normal amphipod... Harmless
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Has many of the common "critters,etc.." found in saltwater tanks..

I'm glad you are enjoying the hobby and could care less that you are pulling rock/algae from the Ocean in CA.. You certainly won't get any blah blah from me about that..

I would caution you though to just know the laws regarding collecting in your area just so you don't get into trouble if you do run across a crabby pants at the scene..