Does heat from chiller be the cause of my low PH?


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Hi All! Just a quick question. I have a Resun 650 Chiller running 24/7 beside my reef system. All day and night,there's not much wind or oxygen coming from my window. U see my chiller is hidden right below the window at a space of about one a half ft. Right next to it is my aquarium. I can feel the heat coming out from the chiller especially when it is cycling to reach the desired reef temperature. My question is does this contribute to my low Ph and other problems? Here's my water parameters:

Ph: 7.9
Alk: 13dKH
Calc: 520 ppm
Nitrate: 0
Phosphate: 0

I used to have low alkalinity and high calcium but now after dosing baking soda my alkalinity was raised too high.
Any comment is welcome. Thanks
If you used baking soda for your alk, that is probably what lowered your pH. Try using sodium carbonate instead. However, like percula said, I wouldn't worry about the pH value as much as the other parameters.
Hi Percula. Thanks for the reply. I tried running a fan towards the chiller last night then did another tests today:

Ph : 8.0
Alkalinity: 11dKH
Calcium : 600

I think I'm closer to stability but my calcium is way way too high. Any suggestion? By the way I've used API Test Kits for the above.
Calcium will drop on its own if no more is added. If any animals are showing signs of trouble, water changes will help reduce the level, if the salt mix in use is okay.