does iron cause hair alge??


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I 've been having a outbreak of hair alge.
I have a phosphate reactor on the tank now my phosphates have always been at 0, as well as from my ro/di,
i was adding essisentiial elements which has iron in it, now i just add iodine , strontinum , and a additive for magnesium.
what do other people add for addaditives???
thanks for the help
I use limewater, essisential elements, iodine and Tech m magnesium. I had the same problem for months the city water i was using had a phosphate level of 5.0 ppm. My tank was the same i filter my water in a rubermade now before i put it in my tank with phosban the levels are 0 ppm but any way i had the same problem even after you remove the phosphates you still need something to eat the hair algae like sea hares and mexican turbos and i love my new powder blue tang he eats algae all day every day a yellow tang will do the same i have both. what do you have in there to eat the algae?
I just bought some mexican turbo snails and margereta snails, i also have unlimited blue legged crabs, i have a achilies tang coming for monday. hopefully he will be hungry.
I use the TLF SeaElements and iodine.

Did you previously have high phosphates? If so, how long has your reactor been running? Phosphates can hide out in live rock and feed the hair algae but not be detectable in the water.

I eventually solved my hair algae problems with Phosban, blue leg hermits, and tangs. I stopped feeding my tangs seaweed as often, since they would only eat the hair algae if they didn't have anything else.

Prayer helped too :).
I didn't have phosphates before but the hair algae has been growing a lot lately, i keep trying to take it off the rock and take it out of the tank though, i stoped using the coral -vite to see if that would help, so all i add is iodine, strontium, and magnesium.
as far as when i do water changes i change out 12gal every other week, i try not clean the sand too often, but i do go through it with a turkey baster to stir the sand into the overflow, ?should i be doing this ??