does Marine Depot have a walk-in store?


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doesn't say anything on their website. Most online warehouse type places have a walk in outlet. Anyone know if MarineDepot does?

Old Yeller Tang

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They prefer no walk-ins but you can still do it. You have to call them in advance so they can have your order ready when you get there and believe me, you want to do that or you might be waiting a while. There is nothing to see at there warehouse because nothing is displayed. It's just a front desk is all you'll see. The only convenience of going there is to eliminate the shipping costs.


Team RC
You can also pickup at their "live" store but I think its a 100.00 minimum. I made plans to drive down there one Friday afternoon to pickup a few items (250 watt ballast, bulb and reflector) I called to make sure they had the stuff instock before I left......well, you guessed it, they didn't have the ballast instock. That really turned me off and made me not want to do business with them. Reeffantic is only about 10 miles form my house and will match or beat MD's prices.