Does my hammer look fine?


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I've had this hammer for around 2 weeks now. My only real question is does the flow (judging by the pic) look ok? Or should the polyps be a bit tighter together (meaning it needs less flow?)


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It looks healthy to me. A little skinny, may be need time for adaptation.
How far is it from the lights? Mine become more compact, when was moved closer to the lights. The turnover is almost the same ~25x.


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Ok thanks. I'll post a pic here in a minute to show you how far from the lights it is. But its about a foot away i think. An inch or 2 below half way down the tank, and since its a 40 breeder, i think they're only like 16 inches high or something. The lights are another 5 inches off the water maybe. But that would be the highest they are off.

Do they stretch for light though? Because i've got one in my 29 that is about the same height up, maybe a bit higher even, but the lights are only 2x65. It seems to be coming out ALL the way out of the stem/branch.

here's the pic of the whole left side so you can judge how high it is. I think it should be fine as far as height...4x96 pc's over it (i still hate pc's, but that should be enough imo), i'm just worried about the flow. But i will move it higher just to test.

Its to the right of the red shrooms if you cant see it :)