does sugar dosing work on nitrate....


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i have try dosing sugar ( 1/4 tsp ) for 5th alternate days and my nitrate is still high,no changes,why????

but i notice that skimmer skims more foam than before.
jcopp24,does the vodka really works on the nitrate?



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vodka and sugar are supposed to do the same thing -- so if sugar didnt work then vodka wont

Ive never tried it --someoen said that you have to inject it into the sand bed ---but if your water isnt cloudy then you prob didnt use enough cuz the bacteria is supposed to bloom for a little.

Theres a german company in the back of the marine depot catalog that has additives to make your skimmer pull out more junk -- its a white bottle comes in 2 diff formulas

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I've tried the vodka dose. 1 tsp per 30 gs. Increase after first bloom. Have added mangroves, also. Still have high nitrates. I have seen a marked improvement in water clarity, skimmer went a little crazy for awhile. Continue with water changes. I have stopped dosing for a few days, will start back soon. Patiences.


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I think the recommended dose is something like 1/2 to one TSP per gallons. Maybe 1/4 tsp is not enough. How big is your tank, and how high are your nitrates? Keep us posted on your results.