Does this stand need center braces, solid top, etc?


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New guy here.. thanks to everyone for all of the helpful information around here. I've been reading plenty the last few days...

I am building a stand for a 180g. The tank is an Aqueon. I know plenty of people aren't crazy about those. It's the only thing locally available, and I haven't found anything else in my budget ($1500 max for the tank). I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a recommendation, but I'm probably going to avoid acrylic due to scratches, kids, etc.

I've attached a picture of the tank.

I'm following plans similar to this:

I'll use 2x6's for the top rails.

Should I add center supports and a solid top?
Or do I just need cross braces (supported vertically) underneath the two black frame cross-pieces on the bottom of the tank? (the blue pieces in the attached picture)

Plywood isn't cheap, so I'd rather not create a solid top if it isn't necessary. On the other hand, I want to make sure everything is done correctly.


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You do not need a plywood top when the tank has a plastic frame on the bottom. The center support should be used to stabilize the stand.
Make it just as the picture shows & you will be fine.


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I would definitely add the solid plywood top on a 180, it may be my California earthquake mentality, but you have a lot of weight on top of that stand and anyone bumping into the side of the tank could potentially cause the stand to rack and fail.


I'm about to start building a stand for a 225 and I'm building w/ 2x8's exactly as RocketEngineer's template shows.
No plywood top on mine. Glass tank.


Plywood top is not as important as your back and side must have them all connected as one such as using plywood to skin it after all 2x4,s or 2x6,s are secured to each other by means of pocket screws or butt joints. Keeping the frame square is key before adding your plywood. Goodluck OP.