Dog Face Puffer Help


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I will try and keep this short.
210gal tank 1.025 8.3ph 11kh 60 nitrate 0 ammonia
Tank is 5 years old but upgraded from a 12 year old 150g.
Puffer ate from my hand all was well he is about +/- 4 years old about 8” long.
Month ago stopped eating hid under rock. Came out yesterday about 15min didn’t look good. Today was out all day. Eyes are cloudy, some whitish area near gills. At top spitting water and gasping air.
My fish guy and I determined some bacterial issue. So decided to do a metro+ dip treatments. Put gal water into bucket mixed chemical was able to lift him out via hand for 2 minute dip, he didn’t like that. Lifted him back to tank.
Just looking for any feedback.
This is new for me most my fish die of old age like 10-15 years this sucks to watch.
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