dog faced Puffer


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I have a dog faced puffer he has been home three dayes now. He seems to just hang around curled up as if he is paralized in some way. I was wanting to know what this is. I remember reading about puffers acting like this but dont remember now Does anybody have some help. Also is there a forum on puffers only some where??


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Does he come out to eat? My dog face (and Porc) hang out, curled up quite a bit, they both go mad for food however. Also, they tend to be more active at night. IF his eyes, fins, ect all look good, I would not worry too much as he is still new to your tank. They become more social in time. What else do you have in there? Anyone picking on him? Are your tank parameters okay? Justa few thoughts....Anyway, the Fish only/agressive forum has a lot of puffer info. Enjoy and congrads on your new freind.


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I feed my Dogface mostly frozen cubes - Formula One, Formula Two, and Angel Formula. I throw them in frozen with the idea that the hard food is good on is teeth.

Mine also eats seaweed (Seaweed Selects, Nori, etc). He'll also go for krill, and to a lesser extent brine and bloodworms.