Doing some research for tank build


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Hey everyone I wanna a build friend something special he's had a Marine set up in the past but had to sell up.
I have build loads of tanks however it was a few ago and things have probably moved on.
Basically I'm on doing some research for the design I will be using Acrylic for the build with a Tank capacity range 250 - 300 gallons and fabricating an Alloy frame Maybe you guys can help me out with design I'm all ears :)


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I’m no help with building anything but maybe take a look at Tenecor Aquariums for some ideas for dimensions and what not

Michael Hoaster

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I love acrylic tanks. My only design input would be to not go any taller than 24 inches or so. My 30 inch tall tank is challenging to clean. Combine that with a stand that's around 3 feet tall, and you're having to use a step ladder. Most, if not all of your design decisions should be aimed at making maintenance easier. The harder it is, the less you'll do. Good luck with your build!