Donna's On Lawrence Ave (A newbies take)


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I just came from Donna Aquatic on 3055 W. Lawrence Ave and here are my first newbie impressions.

1. Friendly owner
2. Prices seem fair
3. Cares about his corals
4. Fish looked very healthy
5. Water looked very clear and clean

1. Small shop
2. Didn't seem like enough light on corals (I am a newbie)
3. Limited selection of fish


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this is interesting to me as a few weeks back i was talking to tom about this store. what types of corals are available there? also why do you think there isnt enough light over them?


TOTM Nov. 2006

Right now he does not have a lot of reef entusiast prosfective buyers,so there is no need to keep buying if u cant move 'em.
He's business is 95% Asian Flowerhorns, Arowanas ( AKA Lucky Fish ).
He's very easy to talk to, if u looking for something specific ask him if he can get it for u.......I know coz works for me, it may takes time but he always gets it for me.