Don't buy a Quiet One pump!!! Its not quiet.

Mountain Man

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The Quiet One water pumps are terrible. I ordered the 9000 and installed it, and it did not work at all. The replacement pump put out a tremendous amount of water flow but was very loud and vibrated a lot. Neither of the pumps came with the rubber feet, but I did put a thick filter pad under it so it would not vibrate against the sump. I would STRONGLY recommend against ever buying a Quiet One pump.:mad2:
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Did you put the rubber feet on the bottom of the pump ? I have heard that the larger the pump the louder on those quiet ones . My 600 gph return is very quiet .

Jens Kallmeyer

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Hey Keith

Send them both back and get a different brand (Mag?). You can have my equipment for a little while longer, I only need it back in late October.


Shoestring Reefer

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I had a Quiet One (3000 or 4000, I forget) and it was very quiet.

plreef - I had a Mag 7 with restart issues, then it electrified my tank. The impeller had rubbed the pump body until it exposed the windings. Check the inside of the pump body for wear. Just my 0.02. :)


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Not sure if this is true on the 9000 model but I've come across a handful of the 4000hh models that have had water seep past the bushing for the cord and get into the motor housing. Results in either tripped circuit or noticeable stray current in the water. As for running them external.... I've had a few 3000 and 4000's essentially melt and the impellers seize up. Just my 2 cents!