Don't know where to start.


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I do not have any sps corals. Until now I have only ventured into zoos and corallimorphs. I want to start growing sps's. Here are my parameters:

158 gal total volume
AGA 125 w/ overflows
33 gal sump
Coralife aqualight pro (3 x 250w metal halides, 4 x 96w actinics)
filtration is protein skimmer and activated charcoal bags in sump
average tank temp is 78 degrees far.
Phos. 0.01-0.02
pH 8.2
cal 400
NH3 0
4" DSB
120 lbs live rock

Does anyone have any advice on species to start with and any ideas in general? Thanks.


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Good flow is a must, flow and more flow. A couple of maxi jets, tunze, whatever. Milliporas are good starters as are stags and montipora digita. When you get new corals start them on the bottom and gradually work them up.


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I am using one Hagen 901, it's a big powerhead and it creates lots of flow, but I do have dead spots.


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You need lots and lots of flow for SPS's. As an example in my 110, I am running about between 4000 gph and 5600 gph. And I am looking for more.

Your Hagen is giving you 950 and I'll SWAG 600 gph or so from your return pump for a total of 1500-1600 gph.

How you add flow - many ways to skin the cat. I run two controllable Tunze Streams that are in deco rocks.

Other options include the Vortech, which is a cool concept, but some people have been reporting some issues with the pumps themselves. Currently they are not controllable, altho one is scheduled to be released in April. IMPHO the controller is vaporware until it is released.

SEIO's are inexpensive and can move some water. I had 3 of them before I got my Tunze's and I always had trouble restarting them. Some people swear by them - I swore at them.

With your tank already up and running, a closed loop system probably isn't a viable option.

Your lighting looks fine. You do have a little phosphate, but I'll wager your hourly rate that adding flow will take care of that.

What kind of skimmer do you have?




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Thanks for all the info and advice, David.

Skimmer is a coralife 125 in the sump.

Yeah, I am constantly watching phosphate. I keep three bags of phosgrab in the sump and I have done a lot of water changes, but the tank is still under six months old and hasn't really finished cycling. I am going to address flow and wait a little longer until I get my phos readings consistently down to 0.

Thanks again! See you in the Lounge.