Dosing pump question


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Hi! I have a 3 station dosing pump, which 2 are doing the automatic water change about 2 gallon per day.

300 gallons systems
Display 200 gallons
Fuge, Coil denitrator, Charcoal reactor, and phosban 150 and one kick *** skimmer Refflo Orca 200.

No calcium reactor on my tank.

What should I dose my tanks and when, with the extra dosing station.

Any inputs?

Oups forgot to mention that the tanks is 1 week old.


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The basics are calcium and alkalinity, although dosing might require more than one dosing station. This article should help:
Thanks for your link...... Now I just more confused LOL

WOW there is a ton off information, just got to decipher all off it and make my own mind on whats best


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Well, it's not that bad, in the end. :) You have a while before supplementation is likely to be needed.