Dosing Pump Recommendations


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I am looking to buy a dosing pump and have seen many different reviews. I do not want one that I have to hook up timers for as this takes up too many outlets, that unfortunately I do not have. I only need to dose Alkalinity and Calcium. I want something that is effective and good quality, that doesn't break the bank. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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I've had a Profilux stand alone for well over 5yrs, no issues what so ever. I've never changed tubing, no mechanical issues, LCD screen is fine and still back lit. I calibrate it about once a year, always on point. I would love to have the new one with the new WiFi capabilities, that would be sweet.

Friends of mine do have the Bubble Magus, once again, no issues. It has been another stand up unit for them. Just a few extra steps in setting the dosing program, but nothing extremely different from my unit. Profilux just simplifies it a bit more. Still one guy has had his running for about 3.5yrs now, no issues.

Good luck!