Dosing question


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Hi, I have some questions about dosing.

My current level

calcium - 420
alkalinity - 8.9
magnesium - 1320

If I want to increase level on all three of them, can just I prepare solution and dose all three elements at the same time or I will have to dose individually on different day for each of them to take better effect?


You are already at levels that most reefers refer to as "optimum". But, if you want to raise them, you will need to dose seperately and SLOWLY.

Mg, depending on your tank stock, you may not have to dose very often.

Dosing Ca and ALK at the same time will cause calcium carbonate to precipitate in the water. (It will look like your tank is snowing, or cloudy.) And your levels of each will not rise.

Do some research/reading about dosing. There is TONS of info out there on this topic and a simple search on here and Google will yeild a TON of information. Before you get into dosing, RESEARCH so you don't hurt your tank or livestock out of ignorance.

Here's a start....
Great article!
BRS Youtube Series:

Good Luck


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You can add the supplement all at the same time, assuming you don't badly overdose one of them, and dose into a big enough water of volume. If the tank has touchy corals, they might react badly, depending on how big a change you make.

I agree that those levels are fine as is.