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Never have done any "REAL" dosing. I've put in Calcium, that's about it. I use some GFO and carbon.
I'm waiting on a Magnesium Test kit.... I'll see where I'm at there. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm low.
Also going to get my hands on some Kalk.
I don't have a doser, so this will all be manual. I've read that you only drip small amounts of this stuff, can anybody give me some sort of tip on this?

Also, my purple coraline algae is somewhat lacking. I'd like more, but it only seems to want to grow on the glass and not on rocks. Does that tell me that my water parameters are fine for growing coraline? After all, if they weren't, it wouldn't grow at all right?
Is there a such thing as a "tainted" rock? Meaning, the rock is to full of phosphates or whatever to support growing coraline algae?
Maybe it's a bleaching thing? I have two 175 watt Coralvue 12K's with a 54 watt Super Daylight and 1 54 watt actinic...
Do I get rid of that Super Daylight bulb and go with 2 actinic?

Other background...
Ph tests in the 8.1 to 8.3 range. My tests show 0 phosphates.
0 Nitrates. 0 Amonia.
Calcium is a touch low.
55 gallon tank. I do run a 20 gallon sump with a dsb in a refugium. I also have chaeto growing.

Anyone's thoughts on the whole deal??? Thanks!


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once you know your mag and your alk levels ?
keep them at:
1250-1350 Mg
10 dkh\alk
440-480 Ca

it should take off