Dossing with a controler, or Not?


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Converting my FOWLR to a Reef. As I'm now adding corals (sps-lps-soft) and then a clam or four. I want to add a dosing pump system for the basics, calcium,Alk,Mag. Was looking at the 4 pump Jebao dosing pump. I have two Jebao wave makers and three 120 watt dimmable Chinese LED fixtures (dimming with rheostat).
Down the road, or now as I reseach, maybe Next week I was planing on a controler for the system.
It seems my existing equipment is not very comptabl with an Apex system.
Does this ring true?
Not sure what the benefits would be to automate?


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You can use BRS dosing pump with APEX. BM does not need a certain extend unless you want to have more strict control. :)
The benefit of automate is amazing.......! I have tried manual dosing and you know 1 of the days you will forget.....:)