Double Cone 180 on 180g display?


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Hi folks,

I've been researching BK Skimmers and I think a Double Cone 180 will fit my needs - but would love some input from experienced users.

I have a new system on the way: 180g display & 45g sump (clearly less with rock, gear etc) and plan to run a fleece roller. From reading responses on this forum by slief (especially it seems as though a Double Cone 180 would be the best fit.

The tank will, obviously, start with a low load - but if I had to guess I'd say I'd max out at about 6 tang sized fish (actual tangs, fox face, bellus angels etc) and a dozen smaller fish when it's fully stocked.

I've been going back and forth between a Double Cone 200 & 180 and would love some feedback so I can make the "right" purchase.


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With fleece you really want to downsize your skimmer since the fleece will remove most of the solids before they ever become dissolved. As such, there will be far less dissolved organics for the skimmer to remove and or build it’s foam head. You’d want to have a pretty heavy fish load for the 180. A heavy load is about 1/2” of fish per display gallon so around 80-90” worth of fish would keep that skimmer happy. The alternative would be the Supermarin 160.