Downgrading from 75g to 29g


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Hello Everyone,

I am hoping that I can get a bit of advice concerning an HOB skimmer. I have had my 75g tank up and running for about 6 years now and due to some remodeling I am having to drop down to a 29g aquarium. I have been cycling the tank for about 2 months now with some new sand and rock mixed with some of my old sand and a few smaller rocks, but I need some advice on a new protein skimmer.

For now, this setup will not have a sump so I am looking for a HOB skimmer that will handle the new setup. It wont be heavily stocked with fish, but will have a fair amount of corals, but nothing extravagant.

I have read some of the older posts but they seem to go in circles. Some say that the Octopus HOB is the way to go, others stay that the Remoras are the best, and I have even read that the Coralife super skimmers are not to shabby. The 4 most commonly suggested skimmers that I have found are the Octopus, CPR, Remora, and the Coralife skimmers.

What do you all suggest for a HOB skimmer? I am looking for something quiet and less likely to overflow as the aquarium is over a hardwood floor.


P.S. Sorry for the wall o' text.


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I have a 37 gallon which is the same dimensions as a 29 just taller and my reef octopus BH-1000 works great.