Downsizing - coral for sale


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I am downsizing tanks and need to get rid of most of the corals and livestock in my current tank.

I have some fish, soft corals, sps, clams -- all kinds of neat stuff that I have been collecting for the past couple of years.

I am keeping some choice pieces for myself and the new tank, but everything else must go.

There is too much to list here, so simply send me your email and I will email pictures of everything along with the pricing.

Thank you.


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Picked up several pieces from thowell64 yesterday. Has some very nice stuff. Do yourself a favor and go by to take a look. It's worth it just to see the clam and i'm sure you'll leave with somthing.

What fish are you going to sell? I might have to drive back up.


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Just uploaded the moon and pipe organ I picked up from thowell64 to my gallery if you want to see the quality of his corals.