Downsizing, livestock for sale


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Downsizing due to lack of time. Only keeping 3 fish in a nano, everything else must go.

Pics available if you're serious. I'm in Aliso Viejo (92656), and I won't ship. Everything has been in the tank > 6 months (most > 12 months).

1 Fat yellow tang. 3-4". $20. Well established, good temper.

1 Sixline Wrasse. 1-1.5". $15. Was somewhat aggressive but is generally kept in check by the tang.

2 Scissortail Dartfish/Goby. 2-3". $20 for both of them (must go together). Very entertaining fish, much like firefish in that they'll sit in the water column and are quite pleasant to look at.

1 Zebra Barred Dartfish/Goby. 3-4". $20.

And some misc soft corals. Remember that I'm selling because I don't have much time, so anticipate some green hair algae on the base.

1 lobophytum, roughly 10-12" open. Bought from NicoleC before she moved (back in 2006 or so?). $20.

1 common brown toadstool leather, roughly 6" tall, 4" 'head'. Great polyp extension, super hardy. $20.

May be interested in trading for pond/waterfall pump, as my fountain out back is busted and I haven't had time to grab a new pump yet. If you happen to have one sitting around in working condition, send me a private message with the make/model. Otherwise, cash on delivery and bring a bag or two. I may have a couple bags here, but can't promise anything.


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PM sent..located in Aliso Viejo as well. Nice to know another reefer is here in the city


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hi there,
i'm in la jolla but would make the drive to buy some stuff (fish or random corals. have pics?
pls let me know. pics can be emailed to