Dr. Fosters and smith LR


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has anyone bought LR from Fosters and smith?? They seem to have a good deal

here is 45 lbs of foundation rock for $89


that would be plenty for my 29 gallon

they also have 22 lb boxes of premium fiji LR for $79


what should I get if I ordered from here. I have a standard 29 gallon aquarium and need a good deal on LR.

any other online places to buy LR cheap??


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45lbs should work in the 29 but you might have some left overs. DR F&S has good rock, you wont be let down


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at this point it just looks like the shipping is going to be really expensive......even still it looks like with the shipping its going to cost about half of what it does locally for me ($10/lb)


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Ya that is a really good deal coming out to around $3 something a pound. With the pieces of rock that you don't use, take a hammer and chisel to break it up and put it in a sump if you have one, or a back chamber if it is a 29 gallon biocube.


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The only issue I ever had with live rock shipping is that FedEx had dropped the box, the enclosed styrofoam box breaks, the plastic bag opens up, water gets all over, and the rock is dry. This happened to me 2 times. I did tell them and they issued a refund right away. I would do the order with Drs. F&S by phone and ask them to please secure the plastic bag well.