Dr. Tanaka - do you have semilarvatus vid's?

Hey there - I was referred here by "gman0526". I was looking for anyone that might have vid's of semlarvatus b'flies in their tanks.

I am considering ordering a pair on special order from my dealer - however I have never even seen a pair in a video, let alone in the flesh (never even seen a single fish in the flesh). They will be quite an expensive aquisition, so I am really hoping to see at least a video of a pair before I get them.

so, if you are reading this Dr. Tanaka (or anyone else for that matter) and have a vid of these beauties, I would really appreciate seeing it.




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Thank you for your asking, but I have no professional video for the species. I have videotaped an adult my own semilarvatus in home but I cannot find the record now; I have a bunch of fish photos, slides, books, mags, videotapes, DVD's, etc. so I do not want to try. Even some items are buried. I am so sorry.

Can somebody kindly help him ?


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they act similar to any other butterfly, unfortunately they aren't exactly reef safe. I'm sure you'll find some people who've kept them in a reef without harm, but in general no. My LFS has about 10 of them in stock.


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thanks for the quick reply :). I think they're one of the most beautiful butterflies! Its one of the first fish i seen in a book and it made me want to start with marines. Im from the UK though and i have never seen this fish in any shop here. Would be good to hear if anyone keeps one in a reef :)! If its generally not a good idea though like most butterflies, maybe it'd be better off in a future FOWL :)

Thanks :)
In my opinion thay are THE most beautiful of all butterflies.

THanks for that link LargeAngels - I now have downloaded one of te pics as my new destopn image :)