Drain Noise - Air/Bubbles


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I have a problem with my drain line putting lots of air bubbles into my sump, which is making it incredible noisey. I dont really know what the cause is, I have had this system set up before without much difference and I didnt have this problem before.

The tank is a 72 bowfront with a CPR 90 HOB overflow. The overflow itself is quiet, this is not the cause of the noise. I have a durso installed to combat the flushing/gurgling noise of the overflow. Again the problem is in the sump where the drain exits causing lots of air to bubble up. The drain line comes down about 2 feet where it connects to a hose barb fitting into vinyl tubing ( I thought that would be easier to plump, but wondering if it may now be the cause of the problem itself). The tubing then connects to a 90 degree hose barb fitting then travels about 18 inches horizontally, then into another 90 degree hose barb turn 1 foot down into the sump. All plumbing is 1.25 inch. Bulkhead in the overflow is rated at 600gph, and my pump with head pressure is running about 500 or so.

Any thoughts or suggestions??? I havent tried yet to experiment how to fix it, way too busy with work. Looking for suggestions first before i go and start tearing everything apart.