Dream Nano set-up....


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I am working on my dream nano set-up and need your opinions. You guys are extremely knowledgeable and would love your input. Here is the set-up I am thinking of going with:


Cad lights 40G Long Artisan Series full system
13 gallon sump with fuge
Bubble-Magus NAC-3+ skimmer



Metis CRP LED Aquarium Light


Calcium Reactor

Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor


Reef Fanatic controller
Reef Fanatic Regulator

Phosphate and carbon reactor

Dual BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor

Water movement

Two MP10W + Battery Backup
550 gallon/hour return pump


Please give me your opinions on my set-up.


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Looks awesome.......i was contemplating the same set up a few weeks ago.
i was trying to price out the separate pieces and determine if the package is as valuable as the sum of its parts.
I think i my go the DIY route only because i want to incorporate the bean-animal overflow system and take advantage of the dead silent operation that it offers.
but it is one slick looking system good luck and hope to see more updates :)


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Looks like a great setup with top of the light equipment, but it is not a nano (<34g). I have a bubble Magus NAC6 on my 60g "Dual Nano" system and I love it. You may want to consider that instead of the skimmer you listed (pretty small).


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Looks pretty good.

Hopefully you will have better service and less problems from CADlights than many others have been having recently.

I would reconsider running a calcium reactor. I had a 40g SPS tank and ran a calcium reactor on it as well. I think it was way overkill and would have been much cheaper and just as effective to use a 2-part.

The 2 MP10s will be great. They are very good pumps and it will be nice to have current on either end of the tank.

On the return pump, I would pick a pump that will be in the 250-300gph range at the head height you are going to run. I am a big fan of slower return pumps. Less micro-bubbles, less noise, and an easy place (the sump) for detritus to settle where it can be removed. Plus you will have more than enough flow from the Vortechs, you don't need flow from the return pump.

That fixture looks very nice and uses top quality LEDs, should work great.

Skimmer- Really depends on your goals. SPS only tank, I might consider bumping up to the NAC5, but that one will be sufficient. If mixed reef, the NAC3 should be plenty.


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This will be a sps dominant tank. Only considering the reactor due to stability. Plus, the reactor will be used on a larger set-up down the road, a 120 gallon.

As for the return pump, which one would you recommend? Ehiem?


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I would probably run with an Ehiem 1260. I am a fan of ehiems and think they are well worth the money in terms of longevity and reliability.

If you want to buy for a 120 later, you could go with the 1262 and just throttle it back some. This would be plenty for the 120.


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A few changes. After getting some opinions here and talking to some other people I have decided the following:

Ditch the Cadlights Fuge, and turn my 20 gallon tank into a sump. I wont have a refugium anymore, but the additional space will allow me to use my,

- ASM G2 skimmer (Already own one)
- Gallon Rating: up to 200 gal.
- Pump: 1 x Sedra 3500
- Reaction Chamber Diameter: 6.5"
- Footpring: 10" x 11"
- Height: 21.25"


This will also allow me to use a larger, and more popular reactor, the

Geo 612 Calcium Reactor


Will the ASM G2 be over kill and "over skim"?

PS: Am thinkg of using an Ocean Runner 2500 for a return pump. Any thoughts on that?