Drilled 29G for sale!!!


Do you like Phil Collins?
Well due to time problems im going to sell my setup. Heres the rundown

aga 29 drilled with 2 one inch overflows

24 gallon sump with fuge and corallife superskimmer and mag 5 return

custom black matching stand with front access.

custom built by me black canopy with 250watt metal halide and 3 cooling fans this tank stays from 78-79 at all times 2 front doors on canopy and top access. ARO remote universal electronic ballist this will run american or euro bulbs also single or dual ended bulb.

2 powerheads a maxi 1200 and another 250gph one.

All live stock included clown fish fire fish sand and about 25lbs of rock tonga and figi rock.

Coral includes gsp xeina frogspawn anthela

This tank is very low maintance i have left it for up to 10 days it has a auto top off system.

500.00 takes all WILL NOT PART OUT!





Any questions just ask.