drilling a 75 tomorrow...


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drilling the 75g tomorrow and hoping for the best. gonna take it slow and keep it cool. really looking forward to getting the new sump/skimmer/refugium all set up. a bunch of guys here locally have offered to help out and I am extremely thankful. thanks to all that have offered a helping hand.


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Slow and cool are the keys here. I've drilled many tanks and a couple of things I usually do is put a container underneath the area you are drilling in order to catch the slug when you get completely through the glass, when you see your bit going through go really slow and as even to glass as possible as to not bind the hole saw, remember... slow towards the end! Lastly I just run the hose on it as I'm drilling, no little clay/putty ring to hold coolant, just the hose at whatever speed you want just keep fresh water flowing. Hope this helps


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heh, i was looking for the tip to put something at the bottom(end) to catch the slug. it was there...:)

i use a towel to catch slugs(should it escape the tape spiderweb i put underneath), but i use a little ring of 2-part epoxy for a dam so the towel is ok to use without getting all soaked.

3/8" glass is nice to drill. not too thick ,not too thin