Drilling a Mr Aqua 25 cube a bad idea ?


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Getting a 25 gallon Mr Aqua cube very soon. Was just wondering if drilling was a bad idea ? I know it probably wont be much more productive, but I was gonna do it to hide things and maybe put a reactor in the sump . If I cant find a tank for the sump, Im not gonna drill it though . Just had a few questions...

Does anyone know of a standard tank size that would fit in a 20x20 stand ? I want to make the stand 20x20, but if I find a tank for the sump thats a little wider I guess I could go up to a 22x22 at most. Just trying to have a drain section with a skimmer... maybe a Bubble Magus Nac3.5 cone or Reef Octopus NWB110, then a return section. Looking to put a heater, maybe a reactor and obviously a return pump.... maybe a section for ATO. So maybe something close to 18"-20" long ?

The Mr Aqua company says that the bottom is tempered, but Ive seen them drilled at the bottom . Did I talk to a bad representative or something or did those people just get lucky with drilling the glass ?


Drilling a tank is never a bad idea unless it's tempered. build your own sump if you can't find one. Or have one built.. A 18" long sump wouldn't be expensive in 3/8" glass. Even 1/4" would suffice.