Drooping/Tissue issue..


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Hello everyone!

I've noticed an issue with two polyps of mine where they have been drooping over their edges for some time now (two-three weeks?). All of my other polyps are doing just fine, parameters are in check.

I was curious to see if any one else has noticed this with any of their polyps. If so, did you find a reason as to why this was happening? The PPE's are under higher light with moderate flow, while the pink ones are under slightly less light with above average flow.

Pictures are attached of the two polyps.

In addition, a picture is attached of two red hornets. At the base of the tissue under the polyp to the left you can see what looks like a grey crust, if any a deterioration of the tissue. This has remained so for a good three weeks or so and the polyps seem to be doing fine despite this there.

Has anyone seen this before?

I appreciate the help, I posted a thread a few weeks ago about some copepods that decided to get the zoa-munchies. Thanks to your help they're all under control! :bounce3:



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That " Bell " look they do can be for irritation, tank parameters off, being picked at , too much lighting ( lots of factors ) or even just for SHYYYTS and giggles- meaning they just do so for no rhyme of reason.

As long as they don't start to deteriorate, loose color or waste away I don't worry if I checked all the other possibilities I mentioned above.


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Interesting, I have a GOW that is doing that as well. Not sure what it means though. Free bump!


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Test your parameters if all in spec and no tank in habitants are bothering it nor its bleaching you should be ok.


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I've seen it happen a couple of times in my tank. Once was shortly after replacing bulbs on my fixture, once after a large (50%) water change. Other times I had no clue as to why it happened. In all cases they went back to "normal" within a few days or less. Never seemed to cause any problems.