dry side shaft


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Is there any chance these will be for sale at parts store?

I have 4 mp40, 1 mp20, and 1 mp60.

3 of the mp40 are getting noisy. I am in Canada, so sending in the dry side for service is a pain and rather costly. I can get the bearing and replace it myself, but rather not if I can just buy the shaft with bearing press in already.

I love my vortech. But the noise is starting to get annoying. I don't want to switch to Tunze if I don't have to.


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there is a diy thread on one of the forums I follow (can't remember which one, I'm on too many lol) that shows what bearings to order and how to replace them.. looked like a fairly simple job really..


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I was hoping to be able to buy the shaft with bearing press in already. Process seems to be simple, but seems to be convenient to have a spare shaft or 2 around when you have so many mp40.


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I would recommend calling in to discuss your warranty status. From there, we will determine the best course of action.