DSB in sump, effective?

Leopard Man

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Hi guys,

I got a new kent marine phos reactor to take care of my phosphates.

I need a way to limit nitrates besides husbandry. My fuge area is 20% of my display tank volume. What would be my best option for nitrate control?

My two options would be:

1) Harvest Macro Algae in the fuge area

2) Implement a 6"DSB in the fuge area

I cannot do both as my baffles are only 8" tall.

What would you guys pick?

With option 1 it will be more expensive due to usage of lights, electricity etc.

Is option 2 even viable given that my fuge area where the DSB will go is 20% of my display tank volume?

I know the bigger the fuge/dsb the better, so what are your thoughts?


Roy G. Biv

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Personally I have both macro and RDSB. I find the RDSB does more for the nitrates than the macro. The problem with RDSB is that you CAN NOT disturb it, otherwise bad things happen.

Leopard Man

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More replies pls.

Tnx Pmolan. The RDSB will be left alone as it will be in my sump.

BTW, my display is 55G, my fuge area is 11G. That's 20% volume.