DT's left on the counter overnight = dead?


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I accidentally left DT's phyto next to my fishtank overnight, House temp is around 68-70 degrees. Should I toss it and get a new bottle?
they wont die completely over night. even if you keep them in the frige they will get that smell over time. they are constantly dieing, thats why you keep them in the frige to slow down their metabolism. they stay alive longer. you probably lost 20-30% of whats left in the bottle.
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Yes. probably. Does it have a strong rotten vegatable smell? If so, it's gone....

I thought DTs always has a strong rotten egg smell.
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how long can it last in the frige?
All the bottles I've gotten had a date on them.
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Ic mine doesnt have one lol...how long does you say its going to last
Huh, maybe my lfs puts them on there. Go to DT's site and they've got a ton of info.