Dumb question: How do I know which Tunze I have?


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We have two Tunze powerheads ... but I can't, for the life of me, figure out WHICH ones! (I just want to keep a list of our equipment for my own reference.) I don't see it anywhere on the powerhead, my husband (who bought them) doesn't remember, and I can't find the boxes they came in. I looked at the Tunze site, but they all look alike! Does anyone know a secret method for discovering the model number? :)


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The newer ( round) pumps should have the model printed on the front of the pump where the impeller goes. The older pumps should have it printed on the back of the pump, but they used the same motor block on the 6100 and 6200, the volts dictate that one.

Does is have just a standard plug on it? Or does it use a transformer? Can you post a pic?