dumb question on chillers, can you run them in series?


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Say if you have 2 smaller chillers around and you are setting up a larger tank (a 1/15 horse and a 1/10 horse) can you plumb them in series to handle a larger aquarium than each is rated for by themselves?


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good question, I think it might work. I've never heard of anyone doing that, but a lot of people have had two chillers running on 1 system, just not in series.


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I can't see why running them in a series would help with anything, as the first unit would most likely be doing most of the work and would have to run twice or so as hard as the secondary unit just to maintain a specific temperature range. and then there's the issue of power consumption, which, again, would be related to having the first unit basically running longer and harder than it should have to.


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You can run them in a series, just got to make sure the 1st one is dialed .5 to 1 degrees higher so it will allow the 2nd one to do the rest if needed, I wouldn't recommended running it this way due to power consumption and the temperature may fluctuate a little due to non precision temperature regulators on comsumer chillers.


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I would run parallel, NOT series.
Running in series would just confuse the second chiller down the line.

Run them parallel and set one 2deg higher so one will be the main one, and the other will be a backup when the first one can't keep up with the demand..