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1. Temp of tank?
2. All parameters including , Alk, PH, Mag etc and even Calcium in my opinion
3. Salinity?
4. Is it a frag, colony, new addition, wild caught or not, shipped or pick up?
5. Have you made any changes just prior to or during the issue?
6. List the current/flow, even lighting when applicable?
7. Additives?


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Yes im target feeding it mysis shrimp twice a week and its close to the bottom in medium flow its under a truelumen led 12k marine fusion strip. Its under a rock shaded so it doesnt get too much light.

temp - 78 deg F
alk - 9 dkh
ph - 8.2
ammo - 0ppm
nitrite - 0ppm
nitrate - 10ppm
phos - 0ppm
calcium - 420ppm
mag - 1400
sg - 1.024
its a captive raised glued frag thats fairly new no new changes. additives just iodide and strontium and magnesium.