Dwarf Angels: Compatibility


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I have a 180g fish-only tank, installed several months ago. The tank is 48"L x 30"H x 24"D, and has two filtration systems "“ an open system with a wet/dry trickle filter and protein skimmer, and a closed system with a chemical/mechanical filter and a UV sterilizer. At present, the tank's only occupants are two small (2 inch) ocellaris clownfish, and I'm working on my future stocking list. I love angels, but I think the larger angels will ultimately be too big, given the size/dimensions of my tank. I really love the dwarf angels, but I've read you can't keep more than one Centropyge, unless you add them at the same time and you have a "œlarge tank". I've yet to see "œlarge tank" defined, so I don't know if I have a "œlarge tank".

To those of you experienced with dwarf angels, and considering the size/specifics of my tank, could I add more than one dwarf angel, if added together? I especially like the Flame Angel, Coral Beauty, Lemonpeel Angel and Bicolor Angel, and would love to add 2 of these (well, I'd love to add more, but I doubt that's in the cards!). Thoughts?

PS: I'm a newbie, so forgive me if I'm posting this thread in the wrong forum.


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I have a potters angel and a cherub angel in a 320g,they still scuffle all the time,but what can i do?Your tank is 150g not 180g.I would say you can keep them trogether,just add them at the same time.There's a guy on here(toddrtex) that successfully kept mixed angels together.I''m sure he'll chime in.


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I would say large means 210 or bigger 6foot long or more. I would not at more then one Dwarf although in my 210 I have a flame that was a reall #@$. But when I added my bigger tangs and Empores angel he calmed down.


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First, is this a reef or fish only tank? There are 2 dwarfs (( lemonpeel and bi-color )) that you couldn't pay me to put into a reef tank.

IME with this, the key is to have lots of mature live rock and numerous caves for them to retreat into and call their own.
Also, need to have a back up plan if it doesn't work -- catching a dwarf angel in a full tank isn't always fun.
Suggest using an acclimation box when introducing additional dwarfs -- leaving the new one in there for up to a week. Also, it is important to make sure the new addition is healthy, fat and eating well before attempting this. There is bound to be some fighting the first day or two and their eating might be sparse during that time.
Would put the smallest, least aggressive ones in first.
Try to avoid ones that look too similar -- I attempted a Golden and Potter's -- had to remove the Potter's, it just wouldn't leave the golden alone.

I currently have a Flame (( added last )) a coral beauty and multicolored together in a 65, been that way for about 2 months now (( had had those fish for about a 1 in different tanks )) without any major issues. I have 2 other dwarfs that I currently by themselves but did did share tanks, prior to my move, without issue.


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Thanks for the responses and the welcome! And, BADGUS, you're quite correct, the tank is 150g not 180g. I must have been asleep (and dreaming!) when I typed 180.

Toddrtrex: It's a fish-only tank, but there are lots of hiding spots. In any event, I like your answer! I think I shall try the Coral Beauty and the BiColor, since they look pretty different. I will be QT'ing all fish, and will make sure they're eating well before putting them in the main tank. When I add the second dwarf, I'll use an acclimation box as you suggest, although it will be awhile before I get to that point. Right now I'm in the planning stage, while enjoying my two little clowns!