dwarf angels


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well I figured I'd try a dwarf angel in my tank and see how it does with the corals, if it doesn't work out I can always move it...

anyway I was thinking flame angel or coral beauty... or is there another kind that would be better(least aggressive)... can someone suggest one that would be my best bet?


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My experience with coral beauties and flame angels is that they didn't bother anything in my tank. But I haad a heck of a time getting them to eat. Tried everything I could and they always died on me. I gave up on keeping them! They were great tankmates though.


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My flame angel didn't bother any corals for the first 5-6 months. Now he picks constantly at my pink zoanthids and won't let them open. He takes the very occasional nip at my SPS (in my presence), and also likes to pick at the "fleshy" part of my snails. That latter fact leads me to believe I could not house a clam with my particular fish.

It seems everyone has different experiences with dwarf angels, from what I have read.