dying anemone?


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I have a little bta - one of a few that split from my bigger bta. The other anemones are doing well but this one I noticed seemed to be wandering over the place a lot. One day i found it kind of half attached to a small rock so I put it into a small container with holes and floated it in my tank. Over the past week or two it seems to fluctuate in how well it looks - some days it is attached to the wall of the container and other days it is not. once in a while it looks like it barfs up some stringy stuff - it doesn't smell foul and sometimes it looks swelled up - but it has stopped attaching for the past few days.
Wondering if i could get an opinion on whether I should give up on it or try to continue keeping/feeding it?
I am worried if it dies it will mess up my tank (24 gallons)
I have attached pictures - thanks for reading


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It doesn't look beyond recovery, but it is close, and if something doesn't change it is unlikely that it will recover at this point. Something is bothering it unfortunately, and it won't improve until that changes. Good luck, and keep a close eye on it. And keep new saltwater at hand. If it starts to look "fuzzy" or "moldy" at all, remove it immediately and do a water change.


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First thing is first, Get a hold of cipro! This is like a miracle drug for anemones . Put it in a 10 gallon tank add a heater, a pump to circulate water and add tank water to it. Treat it for 10 days. It has saved many anemones for me. There is even a sticky about the whole procedure.


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thank you for the replies... somehow it is still hanging on - not really getting any better but not getting worse