easy question for u reef junkies...


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Hey friends at RC, I have a simple question that I should know already, but the truth is, I dont ... my bad... anyway, I have a 60" long 110g tank, with SPS & LPS, and my lighting is 3 x 250 w DE 14k with 4x 65 pc actinic for evening and morn. The thing is, I was running the MH about 9-10 hrs a day and then got the 700.00 electric bill (yikes) and now Im running the pc all day and the MH 6-7 hours a day, but wanted to know what is the correct and proper lighting hours and the best for sps growth? Thanks all in advance!! Tanya
PS someone did tell me that the 14k are a lil too blue for sps, that 10 or 12k would be better, but I dont have any 12k bulbs so they are dealing with my 14k... seem to be ok with it...
switch the PC to 8 hours a day and the MH to 6

the average reef gets alot less sunlight due to reflection off the waters surface ( the sun issint always at high noon ) or even have your halides turn off for an hour or so mid day.