eating a snail


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I fed the octopus an astrea snail yesterday. He has been carrying the shell around for most of today. Does he just like the shell or maybe he is still working on getting the snail out? If he had to drill the shell how long does that take? How long would you guys guess it takes a baby bimac to suck a snail out of its shell? He still ate a hermit crab this afternoon with the snail shell in one of his arms, it was pretty funny.

A lot of the time octos will carry around an empty shell for protection, or use them as a "door" to their hiding spot. So it probably has already eaten the snail.
Ah, come on! Cuddly toy sounds much cuter! I've never seen one carry one around for that purpose, but I've certainly seen them keep them right next to the PVC opening for that reason! Maybe he's looking for a pipe to put a door on?