Eclipse 6 Nano w power compacts for sale

Bamm Bamm

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For sale is my Eclipse 6 I had this setup as a Nano several times presently it's empty..It has a 2x13w PC hood(I've kept tons of corals under them softies, lps and zoas(wasn't enough light for the sps I tried it browned out.)

SO included is
Eclipse 6 tank with 2x13w pc hood
rio90 powerhead
small heater
small magfloat acrylic cleaner
extra new 13w actinic bulb
dueto filter(to add carbon if needed)

looking for $60 OBO...


Im located in Natomas...Willing to trade for a 40g breeder canopy as well..
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Bamm Bamm

Saltwater Guru


Bamm Bamm

Saltwater Guru
btw the pics are old and were right after I had took the tank down it's cleaned out and looks better than in the above pics

Here's a pic of it with some pulsing xenia in it when I had a 65w PC mounted above it..