Ecotech Grease Alternative


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So only recently can you get the grease Ecotech uses when they build the wet sides of their pumps. It’s a bit pricey but it goes a long way. It is a DuPont food safe lubricant. A while back I purchased this on Amazon for less than $10 bucks. Has been keeping my MP10’s and MP40’s quiet and seems to do well keeping the ceramic impeller shafts from sticking n various other pumps.

When cleaning the wet sides the grease seems to still be in place but simply more white and applied.

No issues with any of the fish in my tank. Can’t testify as to inpact on spa coral as my tanks coral has been gone for some time. No issues with zoas .


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I've been using Dow (now MolyCote) 111 for decades and have used it on the wetsides with no issues. I also put them on ball valves on new installations to keep them from seizing over time, electrical connectors to minimize corrosion, grease o-rings in QC fittings....

Like Franks Hot Sauce...I put that $h!t on everything :LOL: