Ecotech Marine have quality control????


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Last Monday I receive my second Vortech pump brand new, and it came with the wet side stocked, locked, the propeller didn't spin at all, how this is possible a $420 pump brand new and nobody check in the company what are they shipping to the costumers.
Why after wait for one week to receive the pump I still cant use it??, why if I bought a top of the line product it came without working?, who assemble the parts don't check anything?
So I called to costumer service and they take very well care of me, excellent people all over the place, no complain about that, they said that they are going to send me the parts, excellent..... Why after send me a defective product they ship out the parts regular US MAIL that it will take another 7 to 10 days to deliver the parts? Why I have to repair a brand new product?. I think that having a good costumer service is not enough, they have to ship out a high quality product, with quality control. Why people receive noisy pumps, chipped magnets, etc.


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I know getting a defective product is annoying but you cannot blame Ecotech for it. Nobody is perfect and mistakes are going to be made, it is unavoidable. Cut them some slack.

EcoTech Marine

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Thank you for your feedback. We do everything we can to innovate and excel on a daily basis; this means improving the quality of our product and creating new and better solutions for our industry. However, sometimes we do make mistakes and so our customer support system is there to help in those situations. I am very sorry that you experienced the problem that you did and recognize how frustrating this must be.

If there is anything else that you would like to discuss, please feel free to call us directly at 610.954.8480