Ecoxotic Stunner stripes


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Im sorry, dont speak german but I use 2 of the 453nm 12" strips with reflectors on my 45 cube as actinic supplements. They work well. I would not say they are as good as t5 or pc and WAY worse than VHO. But, they do the job I need them to do. For clarity, once my 250w radium fires on, the effect of the stunners are nearly 100% negated.

The color is very cool though and the shimmer is a welcome change from flourecent. When its dark out, this is even more pronounced so overall, I am happy with them.

For a 140gal I would think the panorama versions would be more cost effective. However, a DIY cree setup would do you even better if you have the skill and space to install them. GOod luck!

Also, if you go with the stunners, the reflectors ARE worth getting for them. THey really focus the light downward increasing the amount of light that gets into the tank. This only matters if you are trying to use them for sole supplements and not just trying to add some pop though. HTH


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This shows how well the reflectors work. This picture has no reflector on the left and a reflector on the right.


This shows the pop they provide.



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I run them on a Geismann fixture as a Dusk and dawn setup. I have T-5's but I have my stunners kick on once they turn off, you will get the "shimmer" you are looking for. I have had them for about 2 years now and I love them, other than looks I wouldn't count on them for growth.


I have a Aquapod 12 gallon with a Sunpod 70w 20K metal halide. I purchased two 12" Stunners, one 403 ultra-violet and one 453 blue. The 403 is a waste of money. Very dim! The 453 is very nice. With the MH on you can see the effect of the stunners with a very nice fluorescence in corals. With just the stunners the blue color is very nice.

They don't compare to my 48" blue Reef Brites in my 125 gallon. The fluorescence of the Reef Brites is impressive!!


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Thanks for your impression and experiences!!!!

I think I will try them.. and the I will see, if the corlos become better..