Educational Videos?


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I am new to the hobby have kept some saltwater tanks in the past with fish and inverts. Housed a RBTA anenome for almost a year had a few polyp corals but in the end I took down my tank after a lot of frustration. :headwalls:

Well after a couple of years I am interested in starting up a reef tank again but want to make sure I do it right this time. I have a fairly decent knowledge of the basics but still don't feel comfortable taking the next step and would like to do a bit more planning and time educating myself before I take on the responsability of setting up my tank. Several sources such as Reef Central :thumbsup: and some local friends in the hobby have really been helpful but I feel I am always more a visual guy.

That all being said I am looking for any sort of education videos (free or not) that anyone here has found to be very helpful. I am looking for anything like the videos I've seen on youtube by various people like BRS, lafishguy, mrsaltwatertank, to more serious and particular videos like things on aquaculture, SPS corals, fish health. Basically anything you found helpful to do with the reef keeping topic.

I appreciate any help,

Ron Reefman

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First let me congratulate you on your approach to getting a tank set up. Believe me, you are going about it the right way. :beer:

As I read your post I was thinking of the youtube vids and the BRS vids. But you know about them, so that doesn't help. I don't know about any others, sorry.

One auggestion though. You said you have some local friends in the hobby, that's good. Have you looked around for a local club? Like you, I was struggling with the hobby for a couple years... OK, even longer. But then I found a start up local club and got involved. Seeing other people's tanks, systems, fish and corals, as well as getting info from them about how they do things has proven to be invaluable! Also the access to good used equipment from the club website. Look around and see what you can find. If you find a club, give it a chance. Our club here in SW Florida has been great fun and loads of help.:cool:

Good luck, and you know the people here on RC are always willing to give you a least 5 different answers... I mean opinions! :jester: