Effects of 24 hours of darkness on Caulerpa taxifolia...


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I'm preparing to eliminate my cyanobacteria problem with the 24 hours of darkness treatement that I hear is quite effective. My main concern is not knowing what 24 hours without light will do to my Caulerpa taxifolia. I only have a 10 gallon so any die-off would be significant to my tank's inhabitants.

Anyone have any experience with this?
I've seen Caulerpa go 24 hr plus in nice dark shipping containers. It should have no problem. Though I also expect your cyano not to have much of a problem with the dark either. Not sure where you heard that 24 darkness would kill off cyano, but I have my doubts it'll be that easy to kill.
24 hrs of darkness won't do a thing to your cyano. I keep my lights off once a week and it hardly has any effect on my cyano. I would say it would take several days (around a week) of total darkness to get rid of your cyano and it wouldn't be much nicer to your caulerpa.
AuroraDave said:
That's a good article Huachinango. I have heard that some caulerpa has become a threat in our oceans

I really didn't have a clue why some of the plants are illegal in our state. Well after reading that article I can now see why.