Egg crates on under rocks???


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I place my rocks on the bottom then the sand around them. I dont use egg crate because I have animals that burrow.


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It may create less dead spots if you have the eggcrate sitting on something to keep it off the bottom, but I think it would do more harm than good if you have the eggcrate right on the bottom of the tank. The squares would, in my opinion, then become dead spots themselves where gunk overtime would become trapped.


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Eggcrate is used to give your rocks a stable base. Really not sure about the relation between deadspots.


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I made an an eggcrate bottom for my tank to spread out the weight of the rock so as to not create any pressure points.


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I DO use eggcrate because I have animals that burrow. I want the little beggars not to have a landslide... ;)

I keep the sandbed deep enough to give the burrowers enough room.