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I just found a batch of eggs in my tank. The were laid right by the anemone. If they hatch in my tank they will surely be eaten by the wrasses and other fish. What can I do with these eggs? Any ideas would be helpfull

Thank you in advance
What species of clownfish do you have?

Clownfish typically lay eggs on a regular schedule once they start. Don't worry about this batch. Mark on the calendar the day these eggs hatch and then start tracking the spawning and hatching days. This will help you get ready for eventually collecting the larvae to raise if you choose to do so.

If you choose to raise the larvae you will need to do the following:
Keep a rotifer culture alive ( to feed the larvae the first few days
Hatch brine shrimp daily after that for a few days for the larvae to eat as they get too big for the rotifers
You'll also need to prep a 10 gallon tank to keep the larvae in, including air pump and heater.

If you are willing to do all of this and wait a few months for the fish to grow to marketable size then you want to buy Joyce Wilkerson's book titled "Clownfishes" it is an excellent primer for raising clownfish larvae. It's also really cool to watch them grow up!
THANK YOU!!. I have had these two clowns for almost 3 years and this is the first time I have seen eggs. Perhaps this is the first time they have laid them where I can see them.

Thanks again
I purchase them as a pair. The store was breaking down one of their huge show tanks. They were in the store tank ( 350gl) for about 2 months.
I was trying to post a pic of the male but I cant figure out how to do it yet
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What can I do with these eggs? Any ideas would be helpfull

Thank you in advance

Make a very small omlete