Eheim 2213


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If I would get an Eheim 2213 for my 50G tank (fish only - might have corals later when i get enough cash :p) if it benefits the tank. Some LFS and friends has been asking me to get one. Not quite sure until I ask some experts here :)

Currently, the 50G is running on a pump that brings water from a sump to the tank - overflow system. It's working well, nothing died so far, but would love to stablelize the water conditions. Nitrate levels are low and ammonia is zero.

BTW, just curious, what is Eheim for? Why is everyone asking me to get one? It's quite costly and would love to know more about it. Anyone can tell me the bad and good of it???

Thanks guys


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Browse around the Eheim site for some more specific product info -- I have a couple Eheim 2215s (got them used with the rest of our set-up). So far, I've only used one to clear up the tank when I added the sand back into the tank, to "polish" the water (remove dust and particulate matter stirred up from the aged sand bed).

Do you have any type of filtration currently in your sump -- bio-balls or live rock? Any sort of macro algae growing in your sump or a refugium?

Basically, if the answers to those questions is "no," they are pushing you to get a canister filter for additional filtration, be it mechanical, chemical, or biological (canister filters can do all 3 with the right kind of media). Some people skip the biological filtration aspect of canister filters to keep them from becoming nitrate factories, and simply utilize them for mechanical and chemical filtration (frequently rinsed / changed filter pads, carbon, phosphate remover, etc.).

I'd ask them for their specific reasons why they want you to have one, and see if their thoughts make sense. I wouldn't let them tell you that you HAVE to have one -- that is not an answer.

If you do decide to get a canister filter, there are other brands out there that are less expensive -- Fluval, Marineland, and a couple others. Do some research before you buy one, so you don't buy one that does too little or too much for your particular set-up. Different models hold different amounts and types of media, and can be configured differently, so look for one that does what you need it to do.